Sep 28, 2012

What's the best alternative to Apple's Maps on the iPhone 5 until Apple gets things sorted out?

My girlfriend bought a new iPhone 5 and after all of the negative press about the Maps, she wants to use something else until Apple fixes it. I would have said Google Maps, but without a native app, that may not be the best option. What's the best choice among the Map alternatives for the iPhone 5?


I've never used Navigon, but it sounds like a good alternative.  TomTom would be my first choice, in part because I used TomTom GPS navigation for years before there were smartphones, and it has always served me well.  It updates maps automatically, and is very similar in use to the GPS devices that are built into cars.  However, there are a couple of downsides.  One is that is cost $50 to purchase, and a yearly subscription update costs $20.  A new development that is a much more serious negative is that in the rush to get away from all things Google for the iPhone, TomTom no longer uses Google to search for places, it forces you to use Facebook search.  Facebook search!?!?!  Really!?!  Other then that it is very solid, but that forced Facebook connection could be a deal breaker. 

I use a program called Navigon, it's a GPS app. I've had it for ages, and I've never bothered using Apple or Google's version of Maps for turn by turn directions. Why bother? Navigon lets you download maps to your iPhone or iPad. So you don't even need a data connection while you are traveling.

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