Sep 26, 2012

What is the biggest problem in the mobile security space today?


I'd say the biggest problem in mobile security today is the same biggest problem in any aspect of networking -- users. Users who don't follow enterprise policies, users you don't secure their devices, users who lose their devices, etc. The other perpetual problem is non-existent or vague security policies.

Here's an article that covers some of them.

5 Mobile Security Issues To Watch

"The consumerization of IT. Employee-driven technology. Workforce mobility. Whatever the phrase used to capture the trend, companies increasingly have to secure their data and operations in the face of worker-owned mobile devices.

The issue will only become more prevalent: In 2011, 41% percent of workers used personal technology to access business applications, up from 31% in 2010, according to a March report released by IDC and Unisys. While the study included personal computers, a Nielsen survey found that consumers who owned a tablet were less likely to use the traditional computer."
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