Sep 25, 2012

How good of an office suite is KOffice?

We are looking to save some money and switch from paying for MS Office to using an open source office suite. I had mostly been thinking of OpenOffice because I have used it a couple times and found it pretty easy to use, but my use was limited to simple tasks. Today someone suggested looking into KOffice, which I've never even heard of before. Is it on the same level as OpenOffice? Would it be adequate for small business use?


The only person I know that uses KOffice works at a small business that is all Linux, and he likes it.  That's not a very large sample or detailed review, I know.  I would probably stick with OpenOffice in a Windows environment, just because there is likely to be a very short learning curve, and I know that it won't screw up formatting when I save in different file formats.  But what the heck, download KOffice and give it a shot, like the earlier post suggested.  Maybe it is the greatest thing ever, and you can be in front of the crowd on adoption and down the road you can make smug comments like, "Oh, yeah, KOffice is great, I've been using it for years."  Or, if you don't like it, delete it.   

The only way to really know is to download it for yourself and check it out. It's hard to generalize about its suitability since every business has different needs, but it's probably worth checking out.

Here's a good background article about it:


"KOffice is a free open source office suite which is available for FreeBSD, Linux, OS X, and Windows. It contains a word processor (KWord), a spreadsheet application (KCells), a vector graphics-based drawing tool KOffice Artwork, and a presentation program (KOffice Showcase).

In late 2010 most KOffice developers formed Calligra Suite that now contains a number of features present in KOffice 2.3 but not later versions."

Here's a comparison of KOffice 2 and OpenOffice 3:


"The ability to disseminate information is critical for business, science, education, government and the arts. Office suites are important tools that make the assembling, editing, redacting, formatting and sharing of knowledge efficient. KOffice and OpenOffice are open-source office suites that feature word-processing, database, spreadsheet, drawing and presentation applications. Both run on Windows and Linux operating systems and are free to download, use and share with others."
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