Sep 24, 2012

How can I access my Gmail contacts when I am not able to get online?

Is there an easy way to be able to access my Gmail contacts when I'm offline? I travel pretty often in the mountains, and a lot of times I am nowhere near being able to get a signal for my smartphone or wireless hotspot.

If you use computer, this artile may help
It's a guide to add an extension for Chrome, what is known that could be used much as when your computer is connected to the Internet
I also find some article about sync Gmail account to your Android phone, but it seems you can access your old emails only. Hope that extension can help you.
See this article:

Access Your Gmail Contacts Offline

"The trick is to sync Gmail's contacts with another contact manager--one that stores its information locally. Not surprisingly, this is a no-brainer on an Android device. You just give the phone or tablet your Gmail account name and password, and it syncs.

It's also reasonably easy on an iOS device, such as an iPad--once you know the not-very-obvious trick. You can learn that trick at Sync Mail, Contacts, Calendar with Your iOS Device."

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