Sep 24, 2012

Which laguage is better from a career development point of view, asp.net or PHP?

I am from India leaves in New Delhi.
also i'm a fresh engineering graduate in computer science now i'm working as a .net developer in a company and getting 10k rupees per month but here i'm not given work to do so i think here my skills are not developing.
now i have another offer from another company for PHP @12k and there they promise me to give lots of work.
Now the problem is i'm not able to decide what to do know i want to know if i work as a php developer what is my career development in terms of money.. like what i expect my salary after 1year.
from the two language which language is better to adopt in terms of Salary.

I would go with ASP.NET framework, PHP is just a web scripting language for creating dynamic websites.

ASP.NET framework is used to create software applications also. So, ASP.NET would be worth investing your time in.

Christopher's response was great, but you may also want to spend some time checking job sites to see which is in more demand in your area. It also couldn't help to have skill sets in both areas, that would give you more flexibility in terms of job opportunity.

Data from payscale.com shows that the ASP.Net developer salaries in India are higher on average than PHP developer salaries. The ASP.Net developer annual salaries range from 104K to 709K rupees, while PHP developers make in the range of 72K to 412K rupees annually. So while the PHP position being offered you pays more your current ASP.Net job, it appears ASP.Net developers generally get paid more than PHP developers.

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All that being said, the fact that you feel your skills aren't developing in your current job should be a concern. A developer's ability to keep his or her skills current and sharp probably is the most important factor in determining how much they eventually make. Even if you don't take the PHP offer, make sure you don't stagnate.

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