Sep 20, 2012

How to recover deleted mail from Outlook 2007?

I am very happy with my Outlook 2007 Email service but few days ago i accidentally deleted some important mail from mailbox and have no backup of mail and one thing more i want to share that is i used exchange server 2010 with outlook 2007 please help me to recover my deleted mail.

Why don't you check your "Deleted items" folder? When anything from your mailbox folder gets deleted, it goes to the "Deleted items" folder. Seems you are a newbie for Outlook as you don't you know this.

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When Outlook emails deleted by the mistake and also erased from deleted items folder that time those items are recoverable with in retention period (near about 14 days). After that it will permanently removed automatically.

  • Steps to Recover Deleted Items:
  • Just right-click the Deleted Items folder
  • Press “Recover Deleted Items” button to open dialogbox
  • Click the mails you want to restore
  • Finally click the “Recover Selected Items” button




    No backup? A little bit difficut for you to solve this problem. Maybe you can go to Windows official website to find the solution. But here I suggest you to check the folder which contains your emails on your computer first.

    What's more, after you find that you lost your emails, stop putting new files or receiving new emails 'cause this will make the data overwritten situation. Once this happen, the expert or data recovery software cannot help you to get your mails back.



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    Select the folder from which you want to recover deleted items and then click Tools menu and select "recover deleted items" option in it. (If this option is missing then contact your exchange administrator. )

    Select the items which you want to recover and use Recover Selected Items command on it. For multiple items recovery press CTRL with click.




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