Sep 18, 2012

How do I allow non-admins to install software on their machines?

Since we updated to Windows 7, we've pretty much done away with allowing most people to be local admins, but at times we still need to allow non-admins install software. How can I best manage that without opening up the network to having malware or other unwanted programs installed?


Yeah, I would go with the do it yourself method to avoid problems.  If you really want to, though, I guess you could use App-V to deploy software as a trusted install.

I think the first answer has it right. And would you really want to go down that road anyway? I can understand if it was Linux or perhaps OS X. But Windows is a virus laden operating system, so allowing users to install software could come back to eventually bite you hard.

It's probably best if your staff handles the software installs. It might be time consuming, but at least then you know up front what's running on all of your company's machines.
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