Sep 12, 2012

How are iPhone 5 accessories already on the market?

I see new cases popping up already?

What other accessories will we see?


There are kinds of third party iPhone 5 accessories now. Except iPhone 5 cases, there are iPhone 5 screen protectors, iPhone 5 stands. But thrid party iPhone 5 charger is not coming.


One accessory that we will be seeing a lot of is the $30 adaptor that allows older accessories that use the iPhone through iPhone 4's 30 pin connector to work with the iPhone 5's new 8 pin connector.

Yeah, the case makers seemed to be way out ahead on the iPhone 5. That's good though. When people buy their iPhone 5s, they will be able to pick out their preferred case right away instead of having to wait for the case makers. It's great to have a fine selection of cases for the iPhone right off the bat.

Including this hardshell case from iLuv featuring Snoopy and The Great Pumpkin. Just in time for Halloween!



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