Sep 12, 2012

Why does Adobe require DAILY updates? Are they just trying to push McAfee on everyone?

It seems that I can count on starting my day the same way. Go to work, get my coffee, start my desktop, update for Flash from Adobe. It's like freakin' Groundhog Day, except without the love. Or the groundhog. Are there really that many critical flaws in Flash that it requires daily patches? Or is it just an attempt to trick us into installing McAfee Security Scan Plus? By default, when you click the update box, it will intally McAfee, so if you miss changing the default to decline installation just once, Adobe is going to install that garbage on your machine. I've disabled Flash, but I still get the daily updates. So is Flash just the worst piece of software ever, or is it the most clever version of malware yet devised to push unwanted software on us?


@jimlynch: the fact that you think Macs don't require antivirus is really, really scary.

Macs and Linux are only safer than Windows because most virus writers don't bother with such a small portion of the population.


Because people are not installing antivirus apps on their Macs, means that on the occasion that someone writes a virus for them, it spreads like wildfire.

You might really want to reconsider your position.



Perhaps it's time to switch to Linux or OS X? Neither of them requires the use of McAfee or other third party security software. At some point you have to ask yourself if it's worth it to continue using an operating system that causes you so many headaches.

Yes, the push of McAfee is obnoxious. But daily updates of Flash Player? I have been running the same version for several weeks, and Adobe's website says it is the current version.



I think it is both - Flash is buggy software, and they ARE trying to push McAfee Security Scan.  I find it borderline dishonest that they are making the default to install McAfee.  Frankly, I consider McAfee Security Scan pretty much malware too, as the only thing it does is to push McAfee products, and by making it default install the companies are clearly ok with the fact that many people who install it don't actually want it.  The thing is this isn't new - Adobe and McAfee have been working together to install unwanted software for years.  Here is a guardian article from 2010 warning people about the same thing.  



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