Sep 11, 2012

Would you use a "surveywall" on your website?

Google has apparently developed a new way of monetizing the Interwebs - putting websites behind a "Surveywall", which is somewhat analogous to a paywall. In order to gain access to a website, users have to answer a single, simple question. An examples given by Google is of two images of a product in different color packages, and users are asked to pick the one they prefer. In a way I think it is brilliant, yet at the same time I wonder how people would react to it. Clearly, this wouldn't be appropriate for many sites, but I can see how it would be preferable to a paywall that no one pays. How would you react to websites implementing the Surveywall? Thumbs up or thumbs down?

Here's an article that gives more detail about it.


I would like to know more about how revenue sharing would work, but I would potentially use it.  My first thought is perhaps using it for "featured" articles within a site.  It's pretty inoffensive looking, just judging from the examples in the link, and as long as it doesn't ask for any personal information, I wouldn't expect a lot of pushback from readers.  So put me down as a strong "maybe".  

I actually don't mind it at all, as long as it's a quick question. If they start adding more questions, or making it a drawn-out process then forget it. I will not sit there clicking over and over just to access a site. But one click and one question is fine, especially if it helps the sites I like generate revenue.
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