Sep 11, 2012

What is your top cloud computing concern?

Security? Perceived lack of control over data? Application support or compatibility? Something else altogether? (By the way, these are ranked by results from an IDG Research/ Dell Cloud study)

But most importantly, are these concerns rooted in provider deficiencies or other factors, like lack of skills? What do you think? --Paul Calento

Undoubtedly the major issue corporations have with the cloud is the overall security of their data. It is obvious that when a major corporation putting information into Cloud platforms that are accessible over the public internet means that hackers have a potential gold mine of targets.

To know more refer this article: http://kb.bodhost.com/four-greatest-cloud-security-myths-whats-your-perception/
Here's an article that covers some cloud issues.

Cloud Computing Concerns

"Perhaps the biggest concerns about cloud computing are security and privacy. The idea of handing over important data to another company worries some people. Corporate executives might hesitate to take advantage of a cloud computing system because they can't keep their company's information under lock and key."
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