Sep 10, 2012

Is RIM's $10,000 developer commitment enough incentive for you to consider app development for the BB10 platform?

Basically, if you develop an unique app for BB10, and there are at least 100 unique downloads, RIM says they will pay you "the difference between your earnings and $10,000" for your trouble. What do you think, is that enough of an incentive to give it a go?

It's a dying platform, why would any developer bother? The money these days is in iOS, and to a much lesser degree Android. iOS users have money, and love to buy apps. Some Android users will buy apps, but quite a lot will not.

So smart developers will focus on iOS if they want to earn money, and then Android if they have the time and inclination. But Blackberry? Its days are numbered, at best.

Nope.  I would consider $25,000 the low end budget for any app, and that's a simple app reusing a lot of code on a platform that designers are already familiar with.  Most quality apps cost much more than that to develop.  I would put the cost of most apps at $50K-$150K (that's what a customer would pay, not actual cost), so $10K is not going to do it for high quality apps.  It is worth something to know that you aren't going to totally loose your shirt with the $10K commitment, but to me it's kind of like insurance with a high deductible.  I would be interested to see the sales numbers for BB apps, then you could get a better idea of how much of a chance you are taking with BB app development.       

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