Sep 05, 2012

How to disable Java in Chrome?

There was a patch last week to address Java zero-day vulnerabilities, but that patch apparently opened up new vulnerabilities. I've read the advice to disable Java, and I think I will do that, but when I looked I couldn't find where to do it. I'm feeling pretty dumb right now. :-( Anyone know how to disable Java on Chrome browers?

Here's some info from Google:


"Disable specific plug-ins

You can also completely disable specific plug-ins. Unlike blocked plug-ins, you won’t be able to allow the plug-in to run on a given page. When you visit a page with a disabled plug-in, you’ll see the message “Missing plug-in” appear in its place.

To disable plug-ins, visit the Plug-ins page at chrome://plugins/. Find the plug-in that you’d like to disable and click Disable. You can also reenable disabled plug-ins on this page.

You can also reach the Plug-ins page by clicking Disable individual plug-ins in the "Plug-ins" section of the Content Settings dialogue."


It's pretty easy, but not at all intuitive in Chrome.  I have to give IE and Firefox the advantage on this one.  Anyway, you just enter chrome://plugins in the address bar and select "disable" for the Java plug-in.  Here is a link to more complete instructions, if you need them.



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