Aug 30, 2012

Did Amazon really stop making the Kindle Fire?

I was reading my news feeds this a.m. and saw that Amazon had issued a press release saying that they've sold out of Kindle Fires. It wasn't perfectly clear, but it seemed to suggest that they didn't plan to have any more, so if you don't have one, you never will unless you buy a used one.  Does this mean that a new version of the Kindle Fire will be coming out soon? Is Amazon just clearing the pipeline for an immediate release of a new Kindle Fire, or is it possible that recent sales have not justified continued production?


When you can get a Nexus 7 from Google for $200, I don't see why too many people would spend the same money on the existing Kindle Fire.  Competitive products like the Nexus offer far superior hardware, and have caught up with Amazon on pricing, so to continue to be a viable choice the Kindle Fire needs a refresh.  I think they are just clearing out existing supply before the launch of the next Kindle Fire in a week or so.

I doubt it means that they aren't making them any more. I think they are simply trying to portray them as a hot item, and a new one is probably on the way. They may also be very nervous about the upcoming iPad mini that Apple is releasing. Once that hits, it's going to be very tough for the Kindle Fire and other smaller tablets to survive in the market place.
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