Aug 29, 2012

Did anyone attend the last Open Networking Summit?

I had planned to go to the Open Networking Summit back in October, but some things came up that made it impossible. I just saw that the next SDN is scheduled for April 2013. I was wondering if anyone attended last time, and if they so, would recommend taking the time to go in 2013?

I haven't gone so I can't give you a review. But it's good to try new things so it's probably worth checking it out at least once, just to see what it's like.

I didn't make it last time, but I think I will go to the 2012 one.  I think SDN has a great amount of potential to change how we operate and run networks over the next few years, and I want to be up to speed.  The model of software centric network design and the use of network virtualization has a lot of potential, and with the ever-increasing volume of data, may even be necessary.  Have a look at the Open Net Summit website, and check out the speakers - there should be a lot of interesting, high-level information presented judging from the line-up. 

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