Aug 29, 2012

Are inkjet printers in the process of disappearing?

Lexmark just announced that it is stopping inkjet production. They are apparently going to continue selling their overpriced replacement cartridges for some time to come, however. I still have an inkjet printer at home, but I hate it because of the combination of short cartridge life and high cartridge cost.  Now that I think about it, I haven't seen an inkjet printer at work for a couple of years now, they are all laser. What's happening to inkjet technology - is is going the way of the dot matrix printer? I don't think I'll ever be able to forget the horrible sound of a dot matrix printer, incidentally, which was reason enough to get rid of them aside from horrible print quality - brrrrrrt, brrrrrrrrrt, brrrrrrrrt!


I don't know too many people that will miss Lexmark printers.  Or their wretched printer drivers.  Or their time bomb aka forced expiration, non-refillable cartridges.  Well, maybe Dell will miss them a little since they rebadge them for resale.  I do think that inkjets overall are on the decline, but they will be around for quite a while yet, due to low purchase price and good photo image print quality.  I think manufacturers have been shooting themselves in the foot by charging so much for cartridges.  I am also pretty sure that I have been getting less print copies from each cartridge over the past year or two, which makes me even less of a fan.  If manufacturers continue to rip off customers for replacement cartridges, I hope they disappear from the marketplace.

I hate inkjet anyway, I'd be glad to see it go away if laser printers can replace it affordably. Clogged inkjet cartridges, empty cartridges, etc. It's all a huge pain to deal with, I hate inkjet printers. So I'll celebrate the day they leave the market, as long as something else takes their place at a reasonable price.

Good riddance to inkjet printers!
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