Aug 28, 2012

How can I make sure data on old hard drives is erased before disposal?

I know that reformatting and deleting partitions doesn't really do the trick. Is there an straightforward way to make sure the data can't be recovered before I get rid of old hard drives?


Make is easy on yourself and just use DBAN or KillDisk, that should do the trick.  Or have more fun with it, and treat it like the printer in Office Space.  I personally like to remove the HDDs and smash them with a hammer, but most of that is because I think it's fun; unless you have sensitive data on your drives, I don't know that physical destruction is really necessary. Some agencies actually use industrial shredders to physically destroy the disks, so I like to claim that I'm doing everyone a favor by busting them up by hand. :)

You didn't say which operating system you are running. There are applications and/or built-in tools that should help you securely erase data on hard disks. I suggest doing a bit of searching for how to securely delete data, securely erase hard disk, etc. Just tailor your search to whatever operating system you are using.
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