Aug 28, 2012

What surprised you most when you started writing code for a living?

Do you remember what you found most surprising when you first started coding for a living?

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I'm not a programmer, but here's an interesting article for those who are considering becoming one:

So you want to become a programmer

"The task of learning how to program is a daunting one. There are also several myths associated with who a programmer is. For example “programmers are born not made”, this is misleading and wrong because any one ready to the pay the price could become a great programmer. The right mindset needs to be developed. Programming is a complex discipline involving science and art intricately woven together.

Just like in learning other crafts, the 10,000 hour by Maxwell Gladwell is applicable here. This rule suggests that it takes approximately 10,000 hours of dedicated and focused practice to become an expert in absolutely anything! Applying this rule to programming means you can become an exceptional programmer in the next 5 years if you can begin to practice for 5½ hours per day starting from tomorrow.

If you are still enthusiastic about becoming a programmer, then the seed of becoming great programmer is in you. Nurture it till you become an expert one day and always remember that “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Consider the following, clues that can guide you in the becoming of an exceptional programmer."
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