Aug 24, 2012

VMware for Macs

What are the options and considerations? 

You might want to give VirtualBox a try, since it's free and also does a pretty good job on Macs.


Here's a good comparison article:

Virtual Machines in Mac OS X Compared

"Many Mac users will be familiar with the situation, that there is a program from time to time that unfortunately only runs on Windows. Whether this is an office program, tax software, or a game, Parallels Desktop 6, VMware Fusion 3.1, and the free alternative VirtualBox 4, all promise the virtualization on a Mac and entice with many functions. We want to know which software has the most to offer, and have attempted to compare the performance of these with several tests."

VMWare Fusion is the best virtualization program for OSX. You can create a Boot Camp partition or setup Boot Camp on a secondary hard drive, then install VMWare Fusion and use it to run your virtualization environment without rebooting as Boot Camp forces you to do. This does not work with Parallels, last I tried. I have not yet tried this with VirtualBox.

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