Aug 22, 2012

Security question for Nokia E71

Hi,can the contacts list and other data in a Nokia E71, be transferred to another device,such as a laptop with hacking software ,by wireless without me knowing ,even if the bluetooth is dissabled? Thanks for your help

I doubt very much that there's a hacker anywhere who would bother in the first place. It's much more likely that their target would be Android or iOS, given current market share for both of those operating systems. Nokia's old OS just isn't particularly appealing at this point.

I am not very familiar with Symbian OS, which is what I assume your Nokia is running, but the only way that really comes to mind is someone could intercept your info, including password, while you are using a WiFi connection.  This is a real possibility if you are using public WiFi, and are not paying attention to the connection name or you are unfamiliar with it, and a black hat has set up an open connection called something that seems harmless and plausible.  Would you use a WiFi connection entitled ATT Wireless or CoffeeShop Wi-Fi that is unencrypted and doesn't ask for a password while you are out of the home/office?  If so, there is a chance that the connection isn't actually AT&T or CoffeeShop, it's really that dude in the corner with the rad laptop, and everything you do is exposed to him.  I hope your question is just theoretical!  

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