Aug 21, 2012

How can I make a bootable DVD?

BTW, what kind of ISO tool can do this?
Thank you in advance.


I used WinISO. It's very easy to do it.

Just run WInISO, 

Click "bootable" on the toolbar.

If you don't have the boot information, you need to insert an existing boot information into the file.

Press the "Set Boot Image" Select your existing boot information, then click "Open".

Click "Save" to save to complete.

Here is the detailed infomation: http://www.winiso.com/support/tutorials/make-bootable-iso.html

You can download WinISO HRER: http://www.winiso.com

There are a number of different programs, I recommend doing a search on Google for "bootable iso software" and see what comes up. You'll need to install the software then follow the instructions to create a bootable DVD.

Here's one example:


"Run PowerISO.

Click on the "New" button on toolbar or choose the "File > New > Data CD / DVD Image" menu.

Click on the "Add" button on toolbar to add files and folders. You can also directly drag files and folders from Windows Explorer to the PowerISO window.

Choose the menu "Action > New Folder" to create a new folder.

Choose the menu "Action > Change Label" to change the default label.

Choose the menu "File > Properties" to set the iso file properties.

Click on the "Save" button on toolbar, or click on the "File > Save As..." menu.

Choose the menu "Action > Boot > Add Boot Information" to load a bootable image file.

Save the iso file to "Standard ISO Images (*.iso)" format.

To make bootable CD, please burn the iso file to a blank CD / DVD disc."
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