Aug 17, 2012

Will the addition of Postini security features be enough for your company to consider using Gmail?

Google added Postini's security and compliance features to Gmail. Compliance is where Gmail had fallen short for my company so we have never seriously considered using it, and this seems to have addressed that concern. Will the addition of Postini features be enough for Gmail to be a real alternative to those of you who maintain on premise messaging platforms?

Well, it may not definitely get companies to move to Gmail, but it will surely help. Google seems to realize that it is necessary, and it may be part of a larger strategy to encourage more companies to make the move. We'll have to wait and see how it plays out, however.

I don't think it will be enough for most companies to migrate to hosted email, frankly, although it will certainly help make the case for it.  Perhaps smaller companies, but Google is going to face significant competition from Microsoft Exchange services, which is already established.  Plus, let's face it, MS has a long established reputation for providing services to enterprise, whereas Google is a relative newcomer on that front.  Remember, enterprise is slow to move on most things, so it is going to take some time before many are ready to embrace hosted email.  It is the same resistance that you see with some companies when it comes to fully embracing the cloud in other areas as well.  It takes a long time for a moving ship to change course.    

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