Jun 07, 2011

iCloud: Should I believe the hype?

As a business exec looking to invest in the most cost effective small business development, should I believe the hype surrounding this? It appears for the most part to be a consumer-oriented technology. But, in the past, consumer technologies have morphed into valuable business tools (IM, for example). Is iCloud something that could prove useful to a modern business interested in expanding its footprint with an extended network of teleworkers and remote partners?
Hi jroberts,

iCloud is definitely a consumer oriented service at this point. I suppose Apple could make some sort of business version of it, but I doubt they will move in that direction.

Mashable has a review of iCloud that you might find interesting:



iCloud is designed as a consumer technology for owners of Apple’s Macintosh computers, iPads, iPhones, and iPod Touch music players. It is unlikely that the rebranding of Apple’s MobileMe service to the iCloud moniker will have any impact whatsoever on the business. Where it does impact Windows users the most is by making a very popular, well-known brand name (Apple) seem “hip” and current with today’s technologies. Admittedly, it was a nice gesture for Apple to allow users to store 1000 photos for free on the iCloud service, but as the $25/year paid ability to store music and documents is limited to iTunes and the iWork suite, this should not impact Microsoft Office users directly.

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