Jun 07, 2011

Best PDF Creator for Mac

i have a bunch of PPT presentation and i want to convert it to PDF format for publishing. i spent some time on Google and cant find a good candidate, is there a freeware program for doing that. any suggest will be appreciated.


I am a software professional, and I personally use PDF Creator for creating or converting my documents into portable format. This has wonderful utilities to fast and secure conversion into PDF. Almost all office docuemnts, html files etc can be converted with this application. This is definately a tremendous suite for me.


And don't forget that just about any program on the Mac can turn documents into PDF. Just choose "Print"; you'll see a "PDF" button at the bottom left of the dialog box, which will drop down into a menu with choices to save or even fax a PDF version of the file. Mac OS X's print subsystem converts everything into a PDF before sending it to the printer anyway, so this option is available everywhere.
You don't need a separate program to accomplish that. Powerpoint allows documents to be saved in formats other than .ppt. Instead of clicking "save," click "save as." Under the save menu, there will be a dialog that says "Save as type." The default selection is "PowerPoint Presentation," but if you click the selection arrow you will see other file types as well, including .PDF. Select .PDF and then name your file. You can see more details at http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/powerpoint-help/save-as-pdf-HA01006499....
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