Aug 03, 2012

Thinking About Upgrading, Subnetmask question.

Okay I work for a conference center and we have been burned before by larger groups because our current router (Cisco RVS4000) doesn't allow for more than 254 ip's. Now we are finally looking into upgrading to something that will get us out of Class C but it just occurs to me that all our access points, which are "Linksys E4200" wireless routers, also don't allow for free change of subnet mask. Now I'm not about to go and say we are scrapping all of that, but is there a way to either 1) get our AP's to talk to a better router, or 2) increase the number of concurrent sessions... through some magic or something?

You might want to consider upgrading your router, among other things. See this page for some ideas that might help you get started.



I know this doesn't directly answer your question, but the E4200 is really a consumer focused router, a pretty good consumer router, but still it isn't really designed for enterprise.  You might find life easier if you can upgrade from the E4200.  If you are stuck with the E4200, one thing to keep in mind is that you can't really manage all the settings unless you use Cisco's "Cloud Connect", so you are working with one hand tied behind your back if you are using the included desktop app for config.  Anyway, this may be helpful if you are looking at connecting to a different router: http://www6.nohold.net/Cisco2/ukp.aspx?pid=96&vw=1&articleid=4117


Good luck! 


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