Aug 01, 2012

Why is Microsoft creating Outlook.com e-mail when it already has a webmail service?

So I just signed up for an outlook.com email address, more or less because I wanted to get the one I like "just in case." I actually have no plans to use it, but I suppose it is reflective of the American ethos: Better too much than too little. But why is Microsoft even starting another webmail service when it has the


More feature added in one place to use it.





Frankly, I think that this is just hotmail by another name.  Considering that hotmail is synonymous with spam to many people there is value in that alone.  There are a couple of noticeable things that are different from hotmail.  It looks smoother, in fact the interface is more like gmail.  It also integrates with social networking sites like twitter and facebook, something that is much like gmail does with Google plus; it also happens to be one of the feature I like least about gmail because I tend to compartmentalize things and don't like to jump through hoops to do it.


I would consider outlook.com a rebranding of hotmail with a moderate refresh thrown in.  I think it is an improvement, but it's still not superior to gmail, from what I've seen.  I don't see any reason that I would use it.  Let's face it, gmail pretty much sets the standard for free webmail.    


Microsoft apparently intends to replace Hotmail, and also to beat Google's Gmail service. Here's an article that will get you started with it:

Microsoft Outlook.Com: A Getting-Started Guide

"Hotmail users and newbies are flocking in droves to Outlook.com, Microsoft’s latest Webmail overhaul that will eventually replace Hotmail. Less than 24 hours after Microsoft rolled out Outlook.com, one million people were already using the service, according to an official tweet from Microsoft. The new Outlook continues Microsoft’s overhaul of all its Web properties to the new touch-centric Metro feel -- the same look that’s coming to the Windows 8 Start Screen and is already on Windows Phone."
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