Jul 18, 2012

Will you pay an additional charge to use FaceTime over 3G on the iPhone 5?

I use FaceTime pretty often over WiFi at the moment, and apparently with iOS 6 it will work over 3G.  FaceTime (any video calling really) is what I imagined the future would be when I was a kid; you whip out your communicator and have a real time face-to-face conversation with Dr. McCoy.  FaceTime on iOS 6 will expand the ability to have that conversation with Bones while you are away from WiFi, but MacRumors and other sites are reporting that AT&T is probably going to charge extra to use it, on top of what I consider an already overpriced data plan.  The way I read this is that I'll have to pay for xGB of data, and then I'll also have to pay again for extra special FaceTime data.  I don't see why I should have to pay twice.  I think it would be great to have video calling wherever I am, but I'm not convinced I should have to pay extra to use it on top of a data plan.  How reasonable is it for AT&T to force customers to pay extra in order to fully utilize the video calling features build in to the iOS 6?  


I won't.  I feel like AT&T (and most other carriers) have excessive charges already.  I'm all for a company making a reasonable profit, and recognize the need to improve infrastructure, but it seems like most of the carriers are already getting that much and more.  I don't use FaceTime very often anyway, although I did when I first got an iPhone with it.  It was neat, and still is, but 95% of the time, I just exchange text messages to communicate.  It's easier and more convenient.  Sure, there are times when it is cool to have a chat with someone over FaceTime, but it is rare enough that I am fine only doing it when I have a WiFi connection.  There is no way I am going to pay an additional fee to use it over 3G.   I'd rather do without.

I have no interest in using Facetime over a non-wifi connection. It just doesn't interest me.

AT&T is ripping people off though if they do this. If you pay for the data, you should be able to use it for whatever you want without yet another charge. It remains to be seen if they will actually do this, but I certainly won't be paying for it.
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