Jul 16, 2012

Do you still design websites with non-broadband users in mind?

We are about to start a website refresh for a portion of our business. One topic came up in our weekly meeting that I hadn't really thought of in a while, "Do we take dial-up users into consideration when designing the site?" I honestly don't know any dial up users, but they obviously still exist. Somewhere. The department whose website is being redone does have some interaction with the general public, as opposed to our other departments which deal exclusively business to business. This isn't a high budget, high priority project, and we don't want to spend a lot of time on it, but my inclination is to make a better website overall and take the chance that the odd dial-up customer might have a less than ideal browsing experience. What do you think about accommodating dial-up users when building a website? Do you still bother with it?


yes , Most of the people using mobile browser... now no one use dial up connection... now a days people are using broadband connection.. You have to understand the needs of people...


Good one.. We have to think about those people who are using dial up connection... There is no facility for dial up user.... This post will help them....

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Thanks Jhotz for cares of dial-up users... Keep it up... fantastic work!!!!!!!!




Great thought jhotz...

It will work. so many dial-up users need these.. keep it up




Check out your site traffic figures, I'd bet a good percentage of your visitors are using mobile browsers, but I'd be surprised if you are seeing much over 1% of your site traffic from dial-up.  If you construct your site with mobile users in mind, dial-up visitors will also benefit.  It makes the most sense to me.  Google Analytics showed 0.8% of the visitors to my company's site were using dial-up.  I mean, yeah, perhaps if you are in the motorized scooter business (and I'm talking Rascal not Vespa), you might have a disproportionate number of dial-up users, but other than that, I can't see putting much effort towards it specifically.  You still have telephones, right?  Well, so do the folks using dial-up.  Obviously not everyone with dial up is a neo-luddite.  If you have a large rural customer base where broadband isn't available you might give it more consideration.  If that were the case I might also put up an HTML only version.    

Well, one idea that you could do is route people on dial up connections to a mobile/lightweight version of the site? That way you could just design the main site for broadband users.

I know some folks are still stuck on dialup, but it's 2012. We all have to move on at some point.
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