Jul 09, 2012

Did you have any issues because of the DNSChanger servers being shut down?

I was wondering whether I would see any issues today because of the severs being shut down that had been set up for computers infected with DNSChanger malware to have online access. I was surprised (and happy) to find that we did not have any problems, not even with personal laptops. All of our in-house equipment was double checked ahead of time, and all the BYOD crew was fine. Was this as painless for everyone, or did you experience problems because of DNSChanger?


I didn't have any problems, and I didn't hear of other people having any issues either.  I didn't think many businesses would have been at risk, but apparently even some people that didn't pay any attention to all the warnings may not have been affected - some ISPs like Comcast and AT&T set up servers to take care of their slack customers that still have DNSChanger Malware installed on their machines.    

No, I didn't have any problems. I suspect most people weren't bothered by it. As usual, the media hyped the problem continuously though. Much ado about nothing, it seems.
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