Jul 05, 2012

Does it make sense for Apple to bring out a smaller iPad mini?

I know this is based on rumor, but work on the street is that Apple will bring out the new iPhone 4S with a larger display and a new iPad mini with a smaller display. Doesn't this seem like it will saturate the market with a bunch of similar products, or is this an attempt to bring out a smaller, less expensive product that will compete with the Kindle Fire and new Google tablet and protect market share?


I would assume development cost would be minimal, relatively speaking, so why not.  While Apple is obviously not going after the low end market, it would be good for them to have a less expensive tablet than the regular iPad to compete with the smaller and cheaper Android tablets and Kindle Fires that are available.  If Apple doesn't offer a smaller iPad, they essentially concede that market segment, which I doubt they would want to do.  Plus, along the lines of what jimlynch said, the size of a tablet can be a bit awkward if you don't always carry around a purse/briefcase/messenger bag.   

Yes, it's a very good idea for Apple to release an iPad mini. It prevents Google, Microsoft and Amazon from getting a foothold in the tablet market. It will also bring in lots of new users into the Apple ecosystem. This will pay off as those folks may also buy other Apple products such as an iMac, iPhone, etc.

Apple knows that their competitors will try to undercut them on the low end, and they are taking steps to prevent that from happening. They do not want Android or Windows tablets to begin to proliferate and pose a threat to the iPad.

I also think that there are many folks out there who could use a smaller form tablet for business reasons. The iPad is a great device, but some folks could use something that is even easier to carry around with them but is still bigger than an iPod.
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