Jul 03, 2012

How can you push webpages onto Android devices from your desktop?

I was in my boss's office the other day and we were looking at a customer's website before going to a lunch appointment. He clicked a button on his desktop browser, and the page we were looking at was all like, ALAKAZAM, on his tablet. Neat-o. I didn't think to ask how he did it because we were talking about the meeting, and he works in a different location than I do so I haven't had a chance to ask about it. I use Evernote to clip websites for access on different devices, but this was much easier and quicker. Anyone know how to do this on Android smartphones, or was this something limited to tablets?


Yep, I agree, it sounds like he was using Chrome to Phone.  Since it was released a few months ago, I have been using it all the time.  You have to install the extension on your Chrome browser (and yes, you have to use Chrome) and install the app on your Android device.  It doesn't have to be a tablet, it works just fine with phones if you are running Android 2.2+, and the app is quite small.  After you get it set up, which is very simple, you just click the button on your browser and whatever you are viewing is pushed onto your Android device.  I use it a lot with directions for outside meetings: when I do a search on my desktop, it pushes it onto the map app on my Android.  It is free, by the way, and well worth a try. http://chrome.google.com/extensions/

Perhaps he was using something like this?

Push Browser brings Google’s ‘Chrome To Phone’ to iOS

"Google’s Chrome To Phone was launched last summer, allowing users to easily push open web pages on their desktop browser to their Android phone, perfect if you’re about to head out the door. Now an independent developer has created something that does the same thing for iOS devices. It’s beautifully simple, and unlike Google’s app, it works both ways.

Push Browser comprises two elements – a Chrome extension and an app for the iPhone or iPad. Once you’ve installed both and set up a user account, you’re ready to go. To send a web page from Chrome to your iOS device, you just click the extension’s icon and select the name of the device you want to sent it to. The iOS app takes the form of a full web browser, and sending a page to Chrome takes just a tap of the ‘Share’ icon followed by ‘Send Link the this page’."
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