Jul 02, 2012

Did you have any problems as a result of the "leap second" over the weekend?

The extra second that was added to "clock" time to match up with the earth's rotation didn't cause me any direct problems. It did however cause problems with one of my major suppliers. I would have thought my smallish company would have been the more likely to experience issues, instead of a large company that I would assume have many more IT resources than we do. How widespread were the problems as a result of the "leap second", and why did it affect some networks and not others?


About the only impact I noticed was I had problems with Reddit.  Apparently there were some issues with Java and some Linux servers, but I'm not sure how widespread they were.  There was also a bug report from Mozilla that said they were having problems with Hadoop, which makes since in light of the Java issues.  On the positive side, to correct the problem was apparently pretty straight forward for many of those having issues - reboot the servers.  These kind of things happen every few years because it doesn't take precisely 24 hours for each rotation of the earth; I always find it mildly surprising that it continues to cause problems.  

No, I didn't notice it at all. In fact, this is the first I'd even heard of it. So I don't think it was too much of a big deal. The heat wave and power outages in various parts of the US seemed to get a lot more media attention.
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