Jun 09, 2012

how do I sync apps from my personal PC to my iPod touch without erasing apps on iPod?

Somebody please help me! I have a company issued iPod touch and I want to put my music and a couple of apps from the iTunes on my personal PC to my ipod touch without erasing the very important custom company apps that are on it right now. I have no idea what to do, I need the company apps and I would really love to be able to put a few of my own too. My company has an iTunes account on the ipod but I don't have the password so I can't download any apps from the app store. My company issues ipod touch will be replaced in a couple of weeks with an ipad so I will definitely want some apps on that too! Any advice will be much appreciated!


Thank You


I don't think you'll be able to do it, unless you can get the password. You can't really blend apps, etc. from one iTunes account into your corporate iTunes account.

I also think it's generally a bad idea to mix those things up. If you must, you might want to bring your own iPod to your IT folks and then ask them about installing the corporate apps onto it. That way you'd have all your own stuff, and what you need for work.
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