Jun 06, 2012

Did Google just bring Big Data to the masses with BigQuery?

Big Data has been a hot topic for the past year or so, but it has been something I always thought of as a tool for enterprise users due to the expense and expertise required to leverage all of that information to your benefit. Now Google is offering BigQuery, and 100GB of data analysis per month is free. How useful is this? Will this bring Big Data into reach for smaller businesses, or is this service just a watered down variant of Big Data?


Well, it is SQL based data analytics in the Cloud.  Whether it is properly Big Data may be debatable, since to me that suggests data scientists collecting and figuring out how to analyze data at a macro level.  But BigQuery is certainly data analytics, and that is a valuable tool for almost any business, if utilized properly.  That is the "catch", you get results based on the data you put in and your query, so if you don't know what you are doing, you aren't always going to get a useful output.  Also, it doesn't look like BigQuery provides any visualization of data, so you probably will have to export the data and use another program for visualization.


Still, because it is in the cloud you can use it anywhere, and with a variety of devices, so it is particularly worth looking into if you aren't always at a fixed desk.

I think it will definitely be useful to some folks, and that's a good thing. Here's a link to the Big Query site for those who want to check it out.


"Google BigQuery is a web service that lets you do interactive analysis of massive datasets—up to billions of rows. Scalable and easy to use, BigQuery lets developers and businesses tap into powerful data analytics on demand."
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