May 25, 2012

Would you consider buying The Leap for your office?

The videos I've seen of The Leap are pretty astounding. For those who haven't seen it, it allows you to control your computer using gestures. Much like Microsoft's Kinect, except it apparently works well and The Leap is very small. It is only $70 to pre-order, but still I have to justify the expenditure for work if I purchase them for the office. I wonder if it could actually be a productivity tool, or am I just projecting because I think it looks really cool and want to justify getting it? I will buy one for myself regardless, and be in a better position to talk about it, but for now I can only watch the video and think how neat it seems. Do you think The Leap could be the advance than makes the mouse obsolete?

Yeah, I'd definitely consider it. I'd be surprised if Apple, Microsoft or somebody else didn't buy that company outright soon. It seems like a very neat product.

I watched a video of it, and it was a really interesting looking product.  Of course, since it hasn't been released yet, I haven't had an opportunity to play around with it myself.  The accuracy shown in the video was impressive.  A blogger, I can't remember from which site, was using it and it looked as if she could point anywhere on the screen and her finger gestures were recognized instantly and accurately.  Think Tom Cruise in Minority Report controlling the screens with gestures; well, this pretty much seemed to duplicate that.  With the caveat about seeing how well the production version actually functions, I can see a place for The Leap in the office, especially at the low puchase cost.  It's like a super mouse, plus it has a really high "cool factor", and I have found that people respond favorably to interesting new things at the office.  It shows that you are interested in them and want to make their lives better, or at least that is what I hope.     

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