May 24, 2012

What could Apple's new "most important" project be?

Jonathan Ive, correction, SIR Jonathan Ive, Apple's senior VP of industrial design made reference to what Apple is working on now, and called it "the most important and best work we've done." That is saying something coming from a guy who worked on the iPod, iPhone and iPad. Any ideas what it could be? I remember seeing those first iPhone commercials, and thinking to myself, "Yeah, right. I bet it doesn't really work like that." Turns out it did, for the most part. What could Apple be working on that is a more important than the iPhone?


I am inclined to agree with jimlynch that it is a project for the living room.  If they can combine the attributes of a tablet, smartphone, smart appliance controller and HDTV in a single device that brings computing power, entertainment and connectivity into a single device in the center of the home, it would be fantastic.  One of Apple's real talents is developing interfaces that are smooth and intuitive.  How cool would it be to have one product that you could easily use to control all of the functions of your home, provides visual and audio entertainment (video, music and gaming), is capable of high quality video conferencing and voice calls, and lets you control it all while shifting easily and seamlessly from task to task?  Very cool, IMHO. 


Or maybe it is a 4" screen on an iPhone. :-)   

I think it's the elusive iTV. There have been rumors for ages that Apple is coming out with a TV, so it makes sense for that to be the product. I doubt it's just the iPhone 5, though I'm sure that will be neat too. But we've all seen iPhones before, nobody has seen the iTV.
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