May 09, 2012

How can I convert pdf files to Word format?

What is a good choice for a converter than can convert pdf format files to .doc format easily and accurately?


If you search on Google, then you will get some free PDF to Word converter software that can easily convert your PDF file into Word.

You have to just search on Google and try one by one for accurate result.


To convert PDF file to word file format, you can use third-party software Kernel for PDF to Word Converter Tool. It can also capable of converting password protected documents and files. That software convert up to 50 PDF file to word file format, just a single conversion click. Visit hhere : http://www.downloadpdftoword.com/


Convert PDF file to word file format, I suggest secure and safe software. It can convert fast PDF file to word file format just a single conversion click. This software can supports convert PDF documents into editable Microsoft Word documents, original text layout and images. To know more about this smartly programmed application, visit : freepdftowordconverter.net


You can also download free trial version:



Many people choose to save their documents as PDF format because PDF can perfectly preserve the display effect of the document on any platform. Well, creating a PDF file on Mac is quite simple. But what if you need to extract text, copy a few sentences and image from a PDF document? Mac users are lucky that there is a built-in Preview application on Mac machine which can help extracting text and images from PDF by converting PDF to well-formatted Word document.


You can use PDF Burger to convert PDF files to Microsoft Word format online - http://pdfburger.com
It is a free service.


There are three common used methods to convert pdf to word. By the way, the GOOGLE DOCX is also a good choice.











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There’re two ways to convert pdf to word.

1. Just go to docs.google.com, click the upload button to upload your pdf file. Remember to check the option "Convert text from PDF or image files to Google Docs documents " before you click the “start upload” button. After the upload is done you can find the converted file on your Google Docs, now copy the texts to an empty word file, done! With this method you can also convert pdf to ppt if you copy the converted tsts to your empty ppt file.

2. Or you can simply use a PDF to word converter which will save you a lot of time and trouble. Oh and If you’re using mac there should be a different tool.


Easily convert PDF file to Word file format, I suuest professional secure software, you can use Kernel for PDF to Word Converter Tool. This software easily convert data which also includes text, tables, images, OLE objects, forms and hyperlinks must get converted. PDF to word conversion.




Different program have different approach to convert doc to pdf. and there are also many factors that affect the size of the converted pdf file. if your .doc file has many images, then the pdf file will be much more larger.


I’m not sure which converter work the best, but if you have a smaller file size, you may try to convert doc to pdf in other way. eg. in Open Office u can try to “Export to PDF” function under File, but if you have big size file, you need desktop app, as for me, I used iStonsoft PDF to word converter app


I like Word 2 Pdf (www.word2pdf.com), which despite its name also excels at converting .pdf files to .doc format.  One thing I would suggest is to be wary of some of the freeware converters.  There was one I tried a while back, the name escapes me, and it tried to install all sorts of programs on my desktop.  Anyway, one nice thing about Word 2 Pdf is that I have found it to be very accurate, so I don't need to go in and fix a lot of conversion errors.  You can give it a try for free to see if you like it or not.  

Here's an online converter that says it does it for free:


"Convert your PDF files back to editable Microsoft Word documents using Nitro's industry-leading technology. Convert files one at a time online, or try Nitro Pro and convert all your files free for 14 days."

I think they also have desktop software you can buy if you want it.
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