May 09, 2012

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What program can i use to dowload vidios from you tube?
Here's an article you might find useful:

Download YouTube Videos the Easy Way

"You can’t be online all the time, and despite the majority of YouTube videos being nut-shots and Lady Gaga parodies, there is a lot of great content that you might want to download and watch offline.

There are some programs and browser extensions to do this, but we’ve found that the easiest and quickest method is a bookmarklet that was originally posted on the Google Operating System blog (it’s since been removed). It will let you download standard quality and high-definition movies as MP4 files. Also, because it’s a bookmarklet, it will work on any modern web browser, and on any operating system!"

There are a number of programs out there, but the one I use on my Windows machine is VDownloader.  Basically you just pop in the URL of the video, click download, and let the program do the rest.  You can pick whether the video is saved as an mpeg or avi.

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