Apr 30, 2012

How well has switching from managing your own email server to an Email Service Provider worked for you?

We are considering moving over to an Email Service Provider (ESP). It takes a lot of our time managing our email server, and traffic just keeps growing. We are not a huge company, so additional work falls on just a few shoulders. Has anyone switched from their own email server to an ESP, and if so how pleased are you with the reliability and quality of service you've gotten from your provider?


The main thing that ESPs do that I've found beneficial is the work of SMTP relay services.  There are so many different and evolving processes to minimize spam, that the biggest job related to email in my office was making sure it actually got to the recipient address.  What the ESPs do that most companies do not do (and generally cannot do) is work with ISPs to monitor bounce rates and make sure that accidental blacklisting doesn't happen.  In the end, I've found it to be cheaper to pay an ESP than to maintain our own in-house SMTP server. 

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