Apr 25, 2012

How much is a ticket to Apple's WWDC worth?

I was planning to go to WWDC (Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference) this June, but I didn't calendar "get WWDC tix" for today, and by the time I remembered it, the conference was already sold out. The cost was about $1600 for the entire conference, plus your annual $100 developers' fee. By this afternoon, tickets were already being offered at over $2500. I want to go, mostly because of Mountain Lion, but my company is not going to pay an extra thousand dollars or so because I was slack, and my attendance is not absolutely required. This would have been my first time attending WWDC. Would it be worth it to pony up the extra money myself to go for the info, or is mostly a conference on how awesome all things Apple are?

Why bother going? You'll be able to get most of the information via news on the web, plus I'm sure Apple's site will also have a lot of info. It just seems to me that it's not worth the hassle or expense for most people.

Your mileage may vary, however. But I'll take a pass on going. Too much of a headache for me.

I would be very careful if you do decide to buy a scalped ticket.  Apple made it clear that tickets are nontransferable, although I'm not sure how they are going to enforce it.  I guess they could just check IDs, come to think of it.  The point is that you could spend a lot of money and then be denied admission to WWDC anyway.  That would be a pretty expensive bummer.  


As to the question about is it worth it, I guess it depends.  Sure aside from developers discussing actual development and learning the details of new OS, there is an aspect of rah-rah.  But who wouldn't have wanted to be there when Steve Jobs announced the iPad, or seen that moment when he pulled the first iPhone out of his pocket?  

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