Apr 22, 2012

What are the biggest problems associated with Microsoft Windows 8?

I want a detail report on the biggest problems associated with Windows 8?


i dont know either about it, since i am still using the windows xp. it is the best version of windows version i think.


One of the problems that I am aware of is that this operating system version enables too many updates, forcing us to use last generation software. I am in fact thinking about quitting it because of it. There saw some positive reviews though.

I have been having issues installing updates. Ive tried disabling my firewall and anti-virus. And doing them one at a time... Some have installed and some have not...

Since Windows 8 is designed for tablets it seems microsoft have forgotten their desktop users.

In Windows 8 it is not immediately obvious how to shut down the system. There is no shutdown button.

You have to touch the far right hand side of the screen in order to activate a sidebar, then a menu, then two moreclick to shut the damn thing down.


You cannot import user accounts Windows 8 forces you to create a new one from scratch



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WIth Windows XP, I was able to use nlite to create a custom install cd with adobe reader and a few other programs installed with the...

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Here's an IT World article that you might find helpful:

Windows 8: The 10 biggest problems so far

"For two months now, early adopters, IT pros, and developers have been working extensively with the Windows 8 Developer Preview. Here are the 10 of the biggest pain points they've found, Microsoft's reaction and some easy fixes! "

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