Apr 19, 2012

How challenging is development for Windows Phone for someone with a decent C# and .NET background?

We are thinking of writing a Windows Phone version of an application we originally developed for Android.  There are limits on the amount of time we can spend on this, but this would be the first Windows Phone app that any of us have ever worked on.  We have people that are very good with C# and the .NET Framework, and wonder how well that will transfer to Windows Phone app development. 

It would be easier to work on windows phone app development platform for those who have hands of experience on the .NET and C#. As Becker mentioned your folks would not get troubled with fragmentation issues and they would be using the same tools. Use Silverlight framework for windows phone app development. So getting into windows phone is good!


It should actually be easier than developing an Android app.  And the .NET background should make it relatively simple to work on the front and back ends with Windows Phone.  Windows Phone lets you use the Silverlight framework for development, and you don't have to deal with all the fragmentation issues that you do with Androids development.  I think you will be fine, your folks have worked with most of the same tools they will be using for Windows Phone development, so it isn't as if you have all that much new to learn.  Good luck with it.

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