Apr 13, 2012

What do you think about browsers making Flash click to play?

Firefox is talking about making Flash click to play. Flash, along with Java (as Mac users can attest) is one of the classic attack vectors, but it is still a pretty big part of the online experience. What about making it click to play, the way Firefox is apparently considering? It sounds like a good compromise between convenience and security to me.


I think not having Flash would be best, but you are right, Flash is still pretty much everywhere, and every time I disable Flash, I end up enabling it again in a couple of days.  It's just too inconvenient not to have it when I'm surfing a lot of news and entertainment sites.  Being able to just make a simple decision on each site I visit would be great.   I hope Firefox does impliment this click to play Flash idea, and other browsers do the same.  


I'll be happy when HTML5 finally puts Flash out to pasture.  

I hate flash, I removed it from my computers. It's bloated and slow. A lot of sites have already moved to HTML 5 so flash is not as important as it once was.

Eventually we'll have a flash-free web and thank goodness for that. So I support making flash objects click to play. At least then they wouldn't burn up system resources the way they are right now. Flash is just a nasty mess. Ugh.
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