Apr 12, 2012

How do you like the new Google+ overhaul?

I went on my Google+ page this morning and it looked waaaay different. I think it looks much nicer, actually, but I haven't played around with it much so far. It reminds me of the new Facebook look since they implemented time line. I'm not sure how much more functional the changes made Google+, but hey, you can't stop progress. So, what do you think about the changes to Google+?

I deleted my Google+ account a while back, so I haven't seen it. I find Facebook is plenty. I can't wait to get rid of Facebook too though. I'm just waiting for a viable alternative that isn't Google or Facebook. I don't trust either company at all.
I think the new UI is much smoother. I also agree with PWarren that Google's update seems very, very similar to Facebook's recent timeline update. It seems as if Google is really making an effort to integrate everything into Google+, and as a user of many Google services I like it from a purely functional standpoint. I was poking around after the update and ended up in a video conference with a friend, just because I could. I think the more Google services that a person uses regularly, the more useful Google+ is, which is probably exactly what Google had in mind. If I didn't use G-Mail, Google Voice, Google Talk, Google Docs, YouTube and have an Android, I probably wouldn't like Google+ nearly as much. Jeez, did I become a Google fanboy without realizing it? In any case, Judging from the average time-on-site numbers from January of 3.3 minutes on Google+, compared to 7 hours on Facebook, Google still has a ways to go to bring everyone into the fold.
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