Apr 11, 2012

How has Big Data changed the way your company operates?

Big Data is often discussed in terms of the changes that will occur because of it. My company isn't large enough to afford to make use of Hadoop and pay data scientists big money to read the tea leaves. I feel a little out of the loop on this one, and while I understand the idea of big data, for the most part it is theoretical for me. Which makes me wonder; What has Big Data already changed as to how businesses operate?


The main thing that I've seen is more focused decision making from senior management.  That is "above my pay grade" as they say, but it seems as if there is a much more objective process propelling management choices.  The upside, aside from the expected direct benefit, of this is that it feels as if there is less overt rivalry between departments (read between department heads).  My impression is that to some degree infighting over subjective issues at upper levels has lessened because management is able to focus on more ascertainable facts instead of speculation.  I can't speak about it from a C-level persepective, though...at least not yet!

I think the answer to your question depends very much on the company you look at. Some will have already been impacted in a big way, while others might not have even gotten started.

I'd recommend doing a bit of searching on the term "big data case studies." You will probably find some very interesting example of how big data has impacted various companies. The search results may also give you some useful ideas on how to deal with it inside of your own company.
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