Apr 06, 2012

Would the Nokia Lumina 900 Windows Phone make a good first smartphone for a tech challenged individual?

I have a staff member that hasn't really left the tech world of the 90s behind.  I have been goofing around with my new Samsung Galaxy S II in her presence for a few weeks now, and she has come around to the idea that a smartphone would be a nice replacement for her flip phone.  I wholeheartedly agree.  She asked me for recommendations, and after finding out that she is on AT&T, my first thought was to suggest an iPhone 4S.  It is the device I automatically think of when it comes to out-of-the-box use.  But I started thinking about it, and there were a few things that made me second guess myself.  She doesn't have any other Apple products or use iTunes, so there wouldn't be the normal benefit of easy integration with existing machines/services.  We use Windows here (outside of the IT dept anyway), and will migrate to Windows 8 at some point, so I started thinking that she might be a good match for a Lumina 900.  The hardware is solid, the OS looks interesting and pretty intuitive, and I think that she would get a lot for the money, but like almost everyone else, I'm not a Windows Phone user.  How suited is the Nokia Lumina 900 for an introduction to the smartphone world?     


I don't think she would go wrong with a Lumina 900.  I honestly think it is a pretty sweet piece of equipment.  It may not be absolutely cutting edge, but it is not too far from it.  It has a smooth OS, a single core 1.4Ghz processor and 4G LTE so it is fast, and a 1830mAh battery so it should have decent battery life.  The display is big and bright with reasonably high resolution.  I haven't owned a Nokia device for a while, but one thing that I did experience with all the Nokia devices I have owned through the years was an above average build quality.  


On the downside, she would have far few apps than she would on either the App Store or Android Market aka Google Play.  Still there are 80,000 plus apps available for it, so it should take a while to go through all of those. 


I will not buy a Windows Phone because I've used Android devices for quite a while and am familiar with the OS and the apps.  These are the same reasons that I won't be likely to buy an iPhone, which I also think is an excellent piece of hardware.  If I was new to smartphones like your coworker, I would view the Lumina 900 as an attractive choice at an attractive price.  When you amortize purchase price over 2 years, even an extra $200 up front only works out to $8.33 per month, so I would not let the on-contract purchase price sway me too much.   

I'd do a bit of searching and look for reviews of that phone before making a purchase decision. You should be able to see some screenshots and video of it in action. That would give you helpful information before buying it.

I would lean more toward an iPhone. But your mileage may vary, so read some reviews and see what other people think before buying the Windows phone.

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