Apr 02, 2012

How useful is Mojito for web developers?

Just when I though I had put Yahoo out of my mind, and it had joined 4 Non Blonds as something I would never think of again.....doh! Now I have "What's up" in my head again, and I actually thought of Yahoo because I read about their open source release of Mohito web app framework. I understand that it is javascript based, and I'm pretty comfortable with javascript. Has anyone used Mojito? I'm wondering what it brings to the table that wasn't already there.

Well, I suppose it could work out to be a positive thing. But does anybody really care about what Yahoo does these days? It's a pale shadow of its former self and nobody really seems to pay much attention to it.

I think we'll have to wait and see about Mohito. It could simply be one of the last gasps of a dying company, or it could grow to be something significant. I'd probably be more interested in it if Google, Apple or some other major company was doing it instead of Yahoo.


I haven't tried Mojito, but good for yahoo.  The feature that I am looking forward to exploring with it is the ability to run apps on the client using javascript or on a server, and it has the capability to allow for dynamic switching back and forth between the two based on client speed, server load, or a combination thereof.  Essentially, you can write apps that adapt to different mobile devices based on its capabilities, which should be especially handy when dealing with Android devices.  Like I said, I haven't tried it at all, but Mojito does seem worth a look.  


There is a bit of a write-up on it: 



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