Mar 25, 2012

Which has more opportunity for entry-level people iOS Developers or Ruby on Rails Developers?

I am looking to change careers. I want to have more opportunities available. I just wanted to know where to put my time, and money. There are 2ea schools I am interested in. I can only pick one skill set.


http://www.aboutobjects.com/ for ios development

http://www.pragmaticstudio.com/ for ruby on rails development or ios development

Hmm. Personally, I'd probably go with iOS. Apple is selling iPads, iPods and iPhones like hotcakes around the world. The user base is already huge and keeps growing by leaps and bounds. So I suspect you would do well if you decided to pick up those skill sets.
You are correct! I have been pondering over it for a few weeks. I will take a chance and see where it goes.
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