Mar 19, 2012

Who would download Anonymous OS?

Anonymous has become something of a media phenomenon recently, with "highs" from hacking into various company sites and exposing users to "lows" such as the recent revelations that The Man had an informant on the inside working for them. Now there has been a release of Anonymous OS, complete with Guy Fox mask. It seems to me that the last source you would want for anything you install on your computer is a group of hactivists. Why in the world would anyone decide that installing Anonymous OS is a good idea?

i love os

The funny thing is that Anonymous OS is just a Ubuntu variant.  I can hear it now, "So Dude, you try out that Anonymous distro yet?"  So presumably, anyone installing it would be at least a somewhat sophisticated user.  I can maybe see installing it on a VM for the heck of it, just to play around and see what is there, but other than curiosity I can't see any reason to do it.  Plus we all know what curiosity did to the cat.   There are also bad checksums in Anonymous-OS, which doesn't prove malware in and of itself, but sure as heck raises plenty of red flags for me.  Have a look for yourself at the results of Sean Gallagher's efforts: http://pastebin.com/NuyiyBM6  

I think some might install it just to see what's it's like. Anonymous has a certain mystique so some folks might want to check it out.

If you aren't comfortable running it on your main computer, you could always download VirtualBox (free software) and then install it in a virtual machine. Then you could check it out and see what sort of experience it offers before doing an actual install on your real hardware.
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