Mar 16, 2012

Does the new iPad display make a noticeable difference when viewing sites/software not specifically designed for it?

The thing that I have heard the most buzz about on the iPad 3 is the new retina display. I understand that it the pixel count is way up, but to be honest I have always thought that the display on the "old" iPad 2 looks great - sharp and crisp with excellent colors. My only complaint is the display washes out in bright sunlight, but so far I haven't found a LCD display that doesn't. Looking at photos online can't really show how much difference there is with the Retina display. Does the new Retina display really make much of a difference in normal compared to the iPad 2 display?

I just got mine today and yes, I think it does make a difference. Everything seems to look so much better on this new iPad. I can't get over the difference between it and my iPad 1.

Of course it's better if a site or app is optimized for the Retina Display, but things still look good even if they're not. Hopefully sites and apps will be updated so we can all take advantage of the awesome iPad screen.

Ebooks too look incredible with this new screen. It's amazing.
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